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Guiding schools and organizations to take part in fully funded exchange programmes for training and education purposes. Providing opportunities to develop professionally, learn and gain experience abroad to improve employability and language skills. Swap ideas and best practice with an international network.

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Here at Mobility Hub, we specialise in connecting educational, non-profit and commercial organisations with EU funds for educational, vocational and training purposes with particular specialisation of the Erasmus Plus Programme.

For the last few years, we have been focusing our activities on the Erasmus+ Programme and the opportunities it offers to promote the Mobility of Individuals. We have implemented a complex system that allows us to plan and manage activities related to transnational mobility projects, but also to monitor, promote, evaluate and follow-up the learning process abroad, ensuring that each initiative reaches a high impact at local, European and international level.

We host and send students, trainees and apprentices coming from all around Europe for the realization of professionalizing internships (from 2 weeks up to 6 months thanks to our growing network, which is made up of different companies from the most varied economic-productive sectors, such as: tourism, hospitality, agribusiness, textile and clothing industry, marketing and communication, ICT, mechanics and mechatronics, automotive and aerospace, green economy and social innovation. We arrange professional training courses for young people and adults looking to acquire new abilities and competencies for better integration in to the labour market; our expert mentors will orientate you and guide you through the process. Our unique feature is the use of a non-formal education system (NFE) which is characterised by intense cultural exchanges and creative activities with the main purpose of helping the participants successfully integrate themselves in the country and city of destination.



Mobility Hub has been active for many years in the training/learning sector; personal research and selection; placements; needs analysis; supply and demand matching; professional orientation as well as skills assessments. Mobility Hub is involved in both Incoming and Outgoing mobility projects in Ireland.

For the Incoming Mobility Projects from other European countries, Mobility Hub as the receiving organisation, receives the trainees for the placement activities, strictly adhering to the principles laid down by the European Quality Charter for Mobility and supports public and private bodies in activities related to:

  • Project Identification
  • Project design and writing
  • End to end project support

Once the projects are approved, we support organisations and schools in matters regarding to:

  • Logistics management

  • Accommodation research

  • Matching with host companies or schools, in line with the learning/training outcomes

  • Definition of individual training agreements

  • Intercultural activities for a more enjoyable experience in the hosting country

  • Monitoring and tutoring for the entire mobility period

  • Project closure and dissemination of the results or achievements

For the Outgoing Mobility projects, we support schools and organisations to participate in fully funded exchange programmes for education and training purposes.


Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. The programme provides opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, and gain experience abroad. Erasmus+ doesn’t just offer funding opportunities for students, it has opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and organisations.

For Organisations | Erasmus+ has opportunities for a wide range of organisations, including education and training providers, non-profits and private businesses.

For Individuals | Erasmus+ has opportunities for people of all ages, helping them develop and share knowledge and experience at institutions and organisations in different countries.


The call for Erasmus accreditations is launched in preparation of the European Union 2021-2027 Programme for education, training, youth and sport proposed by the European Commission.

Erasmus accreditation is a tool for organisations in adult education, vocational education and training (VET), and school education that want to open up to cross-border exchange and co-operation. Award of the Erasmus accreditation confirms that the applicant has set up a plan to implement high quality mobility activities as part of a wider effort to develop their organization. This plan is called an Erasmus Plan and it is a key part of the application for Erasmus accreditation.

Applicants can apply for an individual Erasmus accreditation for their organization, or for an Erasmus accreditation for mobility consortium coordinators. Previous experience in Erasmus+ (2014-2020) is not required to apply.



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